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Sales Talent Solutions®

What if you could find, attract and hire only top performing sales champions who are capable of generating double-digit sales growth in year one?

Years of experience has taught us that sales champions fully understand the competencies required to do their jobs well, and have behavioral traits demonstrating self-improvement and other personality attributes separating them over others. These individuals are typically not looking for work, and are happily and gainfully employed. They are capable of presenting complex sales solutions in highly technical environments, and have the keen ability to effectively position the value proposition within their specific vertical area.

Sales Champions Excel in Several Areas

Where Sales Talent Solutions® Can Help Improve Your Results

With Headway's Sales Talent Solutions®, companies can drive increased sales growth by improving sales team retention. A variety of roles and positions that can be matched include:

Spectrum of Sales Positions and Roles

How CharacterMatch® Can Help

To find these sales champions, Headway developed a competency-based recruiting methodology and selection process called CharacterMatch®. Highly successful sales people possess an intricate set of personality traits, attributes and competencies that must be in place for the individual to exceed expectations. Learn more about CharacterMatch®.


Make 2014 Your Championship Year

Join us to learn how to:

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Headway understands sales and its sales recruitment process is very thorough and impressive.

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