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Employer of Record/Payrolling (EOR)

“Your Worker, Our Employee”

Today’s workforce consists of full-time, part-time, contingent and independent contractors. Headway's Employer of Record (EOR) service assumes the HR responsibilities and HR administrative requirements of your already existing (or your own identified/recruited) workers, as we become their official (W2) Employer of Record.

Why spend the time, resources, money and effort on hiring, employing and on boarding limited duration workers (contract, returning, project based) when there’s a more efficient & effective way?

Headway’s EOR program provides the following components as we manage the entire HR administration life-cycle for your selected & identified workers:

A Superior Way to Manage Human Resource & Compliance Requirements

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Without Headway With Headway

Perfect for Organizations that Utilize Freelance, Independent Contractors, Project Based,
Seasonal, and Professional Workers on a Fluctuating or Limited Duration Basis

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Case History: International Publishing Company
International publishing conglomerate successfully reduces independent contractor risks and costs while improving contract worker allegiance through Headway’s employer of record (EOR) program.

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What Clients Have to Say…

Headway’s RPO program has helped us more quickly and more effectively bring on the type of staff in the stores we need. We couldn’t have made this much progress in this short of time without them. It’s helping our business.

Chief Financial Officer
International Retailer