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LTraining® is the Proven Methodology that Improves Sales While Reducing Internal Costs Up to 40%

Why combine auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic training modalities into one program? Superior results and cost-effectiveness are a few of the reasons retailers like Hickory Farms, Casual Male XL, Sports Authority and others prefer LTraining®.

Why is LTraining® a Superior Training Methodology?

Studies have shown that humans learn the best "by-doing." Why this may seem natural, applying this type of kinesthetic training correctly to retail requirements has been challenging. That’s why the patented LTraining® is so valuable – it trains retail workers easily while achieving the highest level of training retention, all while reducing internal training resources.

Leading retailers know that people are their most important asset and when a superior talent solution is paired with the best training platform – the improved operational results and benefits are compelling:

Superior Customer Shopping Experiences Improve Store Sales & Staff Productivity
Increase Customer Service & Job Competency Improve Loss Prevention & Shrinkage

For maximum results, each LTraining® program is custom designed and based on your specific goals.

Whether your objective is reducing shrinkage, improving customer engagement or increasing operating performance in other categories, LTraining® is the fastest and most-efficient training method for multiple-unit locations.

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LTraining® is exclusively licensed to Headway. Contact Us Today & Learn How LTraining® can improve your business.

LTraining® US Patent No. 7,667,120 B2

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