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The media & publishing sector encompasses a myriad of organizations that create, manage, distribute and support the tremendous amount of information and content for the online, digital and print worlds.  In this sector it is vital that companies are able to efficiently scale (up/down) their human capital resources based on the fluctuating needs of their business.

Whether it is relying upon contingent labor and independent contractors for project or cyclical work, or needing to ramp up internal recruitment activities to support direct-hire talent acquisition efforts, one thing remains consistent for media and publishing entities:  An optimized labor and workforce strategy provides a huge competitive differentiator.

Headway helps media and publishing organizations with a variety of cost-effective workforce solutions available through a nationwide one source platform.

Media & Publishing Spotlight

An international publishing company was utilizing a large number of contract workers, freelancers and independent contractors.  Many of the workers rotate in and out of projects as needed and the company would simply hire most of them on 1099 basis.  However, being concerned about the stepped up scrutiny of worker misclassification, the company engaged Headway’s Employer of Record solution to drive compliance while improving contract worker loyalty through a more robust engagement platform with this worker universe.  This program not only reduced risk and internal costs, but also improved contractor visibility and freelancer allegiance for the company.   Want to learn more how Headway can help your media or publishing organization’s results, too? Contact Headway today.



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Case History: International Publishing Company
International publishing conglomerate successfully reduces independent contractor risks and costs while improving contract worker allegiance through Headway’s employer of record (EOR) program.

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Our organization had a poor experience with a Fortune 500 firm and we were not about to go down that path again. Headway’s RPO solution focused on our recruitment strategy, project management and had a dedicated service team. Headway came through for us.

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