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Financial Services

The Financial Services industry is broad reaching in nature, impacting almost everyone in some shape or form.  Fueled by innovative products, solutions and service responsiveness, people are, literally, one of the most important assets that can differentiate one financial organization over another.

Headway helps our financial services clients more effectively find the most qualified talent while being able to scale (up/down) their recruitment and talent acquisition results (direct-hire candidates our clients hire).  In addition, many clients task Headway to manage their fluctuating contingent workforce (temporary staff) requirements, for a variety of positions, experience and skill sets – as their nationwide single source solution partner.

Credit Card Co.'s Mortgage Entities Commercial/Merchant Banks
Investment Banks Brokerage Firms Insurance Co.'s
Credit Unions Gov. Entities (GSE) Equity Market

Leveraging Headway’s CORE resources and proprietary database of over 200,000 financial services candidates, Headway provides responsive, straight forward and established workforce solutions that enable financial services organizations to flourish while being more productive and competitive in their respective sectors.

Workforce Solutions in Action for Financial Services Organizations

A large 3rd party mortgage servicing provider realized an influx of new business from the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). They lacked the internal resources and ability to scale their servicing workforce in a timely and efficient manner. Headway’s Variable Contingent Labor service was engaged and within 30 days developed a plan that sourced, screened, assessed and acquired the optimal mix of talent. This consisted of 170 new hires for their 8-12 month period of increased business activity. Productivity increased as turnover fell to less than 10% from the previous period.

Mortgage Servicers & Providers

Top mortgage servicers and service providers know that the key to being successful in today’s climate is being able to quickly scale workforces up/down while simplifying and reducing the cost of labor resources.

Examples of Position Expertise

Underwriters Lenders Customer Service Reps
Operations Staff/Mgrs Call Center Staff/Mgrs Closing Agents
Mortgage Investigators Accountants Financial Analysts

Workforce Solutions in Action - Financial Institution - Case Study

The client, a large, fortune 500 leading financial services company, provides retirement, longevity, lifestyle protection, investment and mortgage insurance services and products to more than 15 million customers in more than 25 countries. A core line of business involves the on-boarding and management of more than 400 mortgage insurance underwriters. Because their underwriters work on other projects, the workforce is constantly fluctuating, and underwriters move from project to project.

This was the challenge presented to Headway, find out the solutions used and the results achieved.

Leverage Headway's Recruitment Resources

By utilizing Headway's depth and breadth of workforce resources, financial institutions can simultaneously streamline and accelerate internal recruiting efforts for direct-hire candidates as well as more effectively deploy flexible and contingent workers to meet changing business objectives.

Headway Connects the Financial Services Industry with Adaptive & Cost-Efficient Workforce Solutions

Compliance Resources & Solutions

Headway has been providing staff augmentation resources and workforce services for over 34 years and has specific resources dedicated to the specialized requirements in the compliance sector. For more information, read our Compliance Solutions white paper.

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What Clients Have to Say…

Headway has helped us more quickly and more effectively bring on the type of staff in the stores we need. We couldn't have made this much progress in this short of time without them.

Chief Operating Officer
500 Unit Retailer