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Meet TIM, Headway's interactive online Talent Inventory Map that allows you to quickly view retail candidates and talent levels on a market by market basis. TIM provides an up-to-date virtual talent “inventory” of Sales Associates, Assistant Store Managers, Store Managers and District Managers*. Launch TIM

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TIM is perfect for learning about available talent opportunities for store or market area expansion plans as well as helping retailers gain additional insight for recruitment and talent acquisition strategies.

Headway provides a spectrum of recruitment solutions (for direct-hire candidates) as well as contingent (temporary staff) workforce services for a variety of positions throughout the country and across the retail enterprise.

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Headway is helping retailers through a variety of solutions.
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Grand Opening Talent
Grand Opening Talent

Headway has a new retail solution to help you get your next new store location opening quickly and with cost savings.

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Headway has helped us more quickly and more effectively bring on the type of staff in the stores we need. We couldn't have made this much progress in this short of time without them.

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