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CORE - Center for Operational & Recruitment Excellence

Center for Operational & Recruitment Excellence (CORE)

CORE is Headway's exclusive centralized delivery platform that specializes in highly effective and efficient best-in-class service delivery with predictable metrics and results.

CORE's project management approach affords scalable and standardized processes with the design, deployment and on-going management of Headway’s recruitment and workforce programs. CORE leverages a proprietary combination of numerous technologies, social media vehicles with pro-active recruitment methodologies that are customized to your specific goals.

HEADWAY'S CORE: Advanced Recruiting Power

High-Volume, High-Quality Talent Screening, Sourcing & Placement

CORE uses leading-edge tools and technologies to provide high quality, high volume recruitment functions on a nationwide basis. CORE specializes in identifying and securing the most skilled and hard-to-find candidates when and where you need them.

Nationwide Recruitment

24/7 Sourcing & Screening

Dedicated Recruitment Teams

Advanced e-Recruiting Technologies

Regional Service Delivery Network

Proprietary Database of 2 Million Candidates

Through CORE, Headway enables organizations to achieve superior recruitment results at a substantial savings over what most companies can achieve through their internal recruitment efforts.

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