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The Best Way to Identify & Acquire Workplace Champions While Improving Quality of Hire

CharacterMatch® is Headway's exclusive and customized selection methodology leveraging technology with competency-based behavioral event interview processes.

It’s known that the use of generic assessment tests are often unreliable in helping to select individuals who will succeed over the long term in highly specific and highly demanding jobs.  This is because many individuals can successfully fool conventional assessment tests.

Years of experience has taught us that highly successful workers possess an intricate set of personality traits, attributes and competencies that must be in place if the individual is to be successful over the long term.

Being able to identify, map and assess each candidate’s unique set of character traits to proven, high performing, “champions” is what separates Headway’s CharacterMatch® selection process over generic-based talent acquisition programs and assessments.

How CharacterMatch® Digs Deeper

chartCharacterMatch® is designed to analyze whether candidates have the skill, character, knowledge and attitude to excel in their jobs. Our process begins with a strategic implementation session where our recruitment team, including a Psychologist with an advanced degree from Harvard, interviews your key stakeholders and top performers, and develops a customized success profile analysis and assessment module. 

Ensuring that all of these attributes align with your candidates is a key element in CharacterMatch® being able to reliably predict their future success. 

CharacterMatch® then combines technology-based precision recruiting with customized behavioral event interviewing in order to connect the dots between behavior, personality and performance.

Get Involved & Improve Your Quality of Hire

Headway’s clients’ are actively involved in the CharacterMatch® selection process in order to clearly establish the company’s goals and the metrics that are being used to measure and monitor performance.
The custom-based CharacterMatch® selection process has many benefits:


Make 2014 Your Championship Year

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