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International Nonprofit Research Organization

PDF FormatOver a decade of service in providing and managing a nationwide field workforce for an international nonprofit research organization

Outcome in Brief


The client, a large international nonprofit organization, has a large and fluctuating workforce, which performs multiple research projects across the country. They needed additional efficiency and accuracy in the delivery of staffing, screening, payrolling and management services of their field workforce. The client also required nationwide expertise in compliance issues stemming from differing workforce compliance and benefits regulations in the various states the client company operated in.

Another challenge was to find a workforce partner that also understood the organization’s overall mission and culture, while being mindful of the economic realities that face many nonprofits.


“Headway has consistently met and exceeded our expectations for service. Even when our needs fall outside the scope of Headway’s contract requirements, they have found a way to assist us. The extra effort and willingness to accept new concepts, and to develop and suggest their own new concepts has been beneficial to our business.”
Senior Officer International Nonprofit Research Organization

Since 1993, Headway’s contract workers for this internationally recognized organization have consistently provided them a variety of complex research services for multiple research projects; including social science and survey work for the governmental and non-governmental entities. Headway has successfully:

The ultimate result of this involvement has been a true partnership with this nonprofit client in building and maintaining an internationally respected level of service, quality and standards of excellence in research.

Headway’s Employer of Record/Payrolling Solution

Headway’s Employer of Record (Payrolling) solution has provided this nonprofit client with the resources and assistance to develop a more efficient and “user-friendly” payroll management system. And with Headway’s employer-of-record program, which ensured that Headway was the workers official (W2) employer of record, the organization was able to focus on their important survey work at hand, and not the overwhelming burdens of managing HR and personnel issues of workers.

Also, an on-site recruiting and management team was deployed. In doing so, Headway has enabled the client to focus on other issues and no longer be directly involved in the data entry and processing of payroll. Headway introduced a broader scale of human resource implementation programs with field staff, allowing the client organization to implement and adhere to legal guidelines regarding complex federal and state regulations applying to employee compliance and benefits.

In addition, Headway has helped the client to develop standardized safety practice policies and a safety training program. This program helped the organization to increase safety, lower accidents and decrease worker compensation claims.

Finally, Headway helped the client to write and improve standard operating procedures for human resources in many other important areas.

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